By Tom Brennan

If you’re tired of hearing about Ben Simmons getting traded, just think how tired the Eagles Zach Ertz is of reading and hearing about his sure-fire ticket out of town.

That story is almost a year old, starting when Ertz had a down 2020 as the Eagles tight end and missed a bunch of games with injury.

But he’s in camp now and new head coach Nick Sirianni was asked by Eagle Maven how much more Ertz will be involved in game-planning going forward in practice and potentially in games.

Sirianni said:

“Really, really impressed with Zach and his ability. He’s been such a productive player in this league for so long, and you see it on game tape from afar, right?

“But then when you get to be able to go to practice and see in meetings, he’s just a very instinctual player and very smart football player. We want to use those strengths that he has right there to be able to find holes in the defense because he does have this – he just has a supreme feel that is very typical among good players.”

Ertz hasn’t spoken to the media.


“It’s out of my control.”

Ertz is having a solid training camp.

“It’s been good having Zach here,” said the other tight end, Dallas Goedert. “It was unsure. It built up to this, but I’m glad he’s here, good friend of mine, I love competing with him every day. He’s a great player, so get to what see he’s doing, get to see what I’m doing, compare myself to him, compete with him every day. It’s fun having him here.”

“He’s been cool to me,” said defensive end Ryan Kerrigan last week. “We’ve chatted a couple times. Him and I have obviously battled against each other for almost a decade, but he’s been great. This is my first introduction to knowing him, more personally but he’s been welcoming and great.”

The 30-year-old Ertz is in the final year of his contract and scheduled to make $8.5 million in 2021.

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