By Jack Ryan

Terrell Owens didn’t make the Hall of Fame, but the ex-Eagle great wide receiver can’t stop talking about the injustice:

“Obviously, what I did, the Hall of Fame, that should validate it. But now it’s something else,” Owens told CBSSports.com. “Now they’re adding to the bylaws; they’re adding extra things to the criteria to be inducted.

“For me, that’s where I’ve lost all respect for it, in a sense.”

As soon as he found out he wouldn’t get in this year, Owens lashed out, calling it a “flawed” process before deleting a tweet. Since then multiple people have come to Owens’ defense, from Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells to brand new Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner.

“Considering my body of work and what I’ve done on the football field,” Owens said, “that should have been justification for me to have gotten in as a first-ballot Hall of Famer and definitely this year.

“I’m not bitter in that regard, but when it comes to questioning my character and what I did in that locker room, the thing what a lot of people are missing is these coaches and these people are saying is I’m this type of person in the locker room. Well, who are those guys? Nobody’s attached any names to anything. They’re just saying, ‘Well, this is what I heard.’”

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