By Michael Bennett

Even as upwards of 3 million people are gathering to watch today Eagles Super Bowl parade:

Odds Nick Foles is a starting QB in Week 1 of the 2018 season: 3/4

Foles is under contract for 2018, and he showed exactly how valuable a solid backup QB is in this league.

How badly do you think the Cardinals wanted someone Foles-like when Carson Palmer went down? But, at the same time, Foles’ value is never going to be higher.

Philly big boss Howie Roseman has a chance to surround Carson Wentz with even more talent than he already has, which is, to be clear, an immense amount. This is how you build a dynasty. If I know that, you can be darn sure Roseman, arguably the best executive in the NFL, knows it a thousand times over.

Odds on Nick Foles’ team in Week 1 of the 2018 season

  • Eagles: 3/2
  • Cardinals: 8/1
  • Jets: 9/1
  • Broncos: 12/1
  • Bills: 12/1
  • Vikings: 19/1
  • Jaguars: 24/1
  • FIELD: 11/2


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