By Sarah Berkowitz

Fletcher Cox’s agent Todd France appeared on the “Mike & Ike Show” on 94WIP last Friday to try to untangle the confusion over the Eagles’ defensive lineman’s contract.

Instead, he added to the confusion:

“To say a contract is worth – whatever, I’m gonna use $60 million guaranteed – and a certain amount of it he gets today, but the next year he gets some if he’s on the roster, is guaranteed. And the next year he gets it’s guaranteed if he’s on the roster then. And the next year he gets it if he’s on the roster – those are year-to-year guarantees,” France said.

“Any person that’s got any intelligence to the football business will write and say, ‘That really isn’t X-amount guaranteed.’ Because the team can do what? Get rid of the guy and cut him at any point and that quote-unquote guaranteed money, the player never really receives.”


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