By Tommy Matthews

The Sixers lost last night to the Bucks at home, and it was a game they should have won.

Philly is now a game and a half out of first place, where the Heat are, and there are just seven games to play to determine postseason seeds.

Unless they crater totally, the Sixers will finish in the top 4 in the conference, which ensures home court for at least the first series.

And their last seven games are all winnable.

But no matter what their playoff rotation is, and no matter if Joel Embiid and James Harden and Co. are ready will mean a rat’s ass unless coach Doc Rivers gets his head out of his ass.

Rivers has the rep as a dreadful playoff coach.

And also a substandard bench coach.

He basically lets the players do their thing.

Which is great if the players have a strategy.

These Sixers often do not.

Especially with the game on the line.

Paul Millsap to guard Giannis?!

That’s no hope.

And Rivers play-calling in crunch time is an abomination.

Any time you have Tobias Harris handling the ball you are bound to miss getting a shot off.

Last night’s loss wasn’t all on the coach.

But Tyrese Maxey only had 7 points in 40 minutes, shooting 3-11.

And that can’t continue to happen if the Sixers hope to win a playoff series, let alone take the East.

Name the next time you see a play set up for the Sixers’ explosive guard.

Too often it seems that Rivers just rolls the ball out onto the floor and expects James Harden to figure it out.

Rivers is being paid $8 million a year, and he better start earning it soon.

Otherwise the Sixers season will be over and out.


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