By Max Harper

Nobody has a better perspective on the NFL than Brian Baldinger, the former Eagles and Cowboys and Colts lineman who has transitioned into an NFL observer without peer.

Here’s what he thinks about Eagles QB Jalen Hurts:

When you begin assessing the rise of Jalen Hurts and how he can improve, I think we need to understand how much punishment he is taking while accumulating many wins over two-plus years as the Eagles starting QB.

He started the season in Motown where he ran 17X for 90 yards. He had more carries than his starting RB, Myles Sanders, in that game and ended up running and scrambling 165 times in 15 starts.

That’s an average of 11 runs per game in addition to all of the hits he is taking while throwing the ball.

His improvement has to start with running less and throwing more. PERIOD!

The longevity of QB’s who like to run is not long.

Nobody has done it better than Lamar Jackson at the age of 26 he has already missed 11 starts in the past two years.

I am not in the business of predictions, but if Jalen runs over 150 times in 2023 the chances of him making it through the season for 17 starts and beyond is not very likely. Run less and throw more.

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