By Harvey Hoffman

The Eagles host the Baltimore Ravens today at the Linc, and it might get ugly, since the Ravens are a well-deserved 10-point road favorite.

“I’m a lifelong Philadelphian — this is in my blood,” Stephanie Ruggeri, 47, an Eagles season-ticket holder for 23 years, told the New York Times.

“The booing, really, comes from a place of ‘We know you can be doing better than this.’ It’s not so much like, ‘We hate you as a person.’”

During a game in the second week of the season in Philly, Fox, perhaps catering to its audience, occasionally sprinkled in some catcalls after the Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz threw an incompletion or interception.

The lost that game, to the Los Angeles Rams, by 18 points, but for many fans a more embarrassing indignity befell the Eagles the next week when coach Doug Pederson sent out the punt team on fourth-and-12 from the Cincinnati 46-yard line late in overtime, effectively conceding a tie.

“I really feel that if fans were in the stadium, the rain of boos that would have come down would have made him second-guess that decision,” said Eric Emanuele, 38, of Clinton, N.J., whose family has had Eagles season tickets for nearly 30 years. “To not be able to voice your displeasure in that moment — oh, absolutely, that’s something that hurts.”