By Mark Gallagher

The Eagles sent their O-boss and QB coach to Trey Lance’s pro day in Fargo, ND, a month ago.

Will they be there when Lantz does it again on April 19, just 10 days before the NFL draft?

Lance completed his first pro day on March 12, before those conducted by BYU’s Zach Wilson, Ohio State’s Justin Fields and Alabama’s Mac Jones. Wilson wowed onlookers with his various passes during his workout, which occurred almost simultaneously with the 49ers’ trade up to No. 3, while Fields dominated headlines during his first pro day, with each overtaking Lance’s performance in the football world’s recent consciousness.

Earlier this week, Fields set his second pro day for April 14. Lance will get a second chance to prove his worthiness just five days later.

With San Francisco poised to take a quarterback at No. 3 and Atlanta looming as another team that could take a signal-caller fourth overall, these workouts do, in fact, matter. The lack of an NFL Scouting Combine only further emphasizes their importance, and with mere weeks remaining before the draft, it’s crunch time.