By Michael McCarthy

Since the Eagles utter nary a word about their free agent and draft intentions, it is left to the mock drafts to put some meat on the off-season bone.

And many mocks have the Birds taking talented cornerback Marcus Peters from Washington, who, as anyone with an Internet connect knows, has had some off the field issues, which Peters addressed yesterday at the Combine.

“They want to know the character,” he said. “Am I a hothead? Which is false. I made some immature decisions and I live from them and I learn from them and I grow as a man.”

Peters had three interceptions and a touchdown as a red-shirt freshman in the fall of 2012 but really put himself on the map as a sophomore, with five interceptions and first-team all-conference honors. Peters had three INTs this past season before getting booted off the team.

“I live and I learn from it, you know?” he said. “There are going to be things that aren’t going to go right, but I went through one of the worst things that could happen to me in life.

“I got kicked off my team, I wasn’t able to finish out my college career with my teammates and I own up to that and I man up to that and I just move forward.

“Just miscommunication,” he said. “Mostly on my behalf. I didn’t take the coaching transition too well.”

“He’s a great teammate,” former teammate Shaq Thompson said at the combine. “I played with him for three years. Comes to practice every day, hard-working.

“He watches a lot of film by himself. Sometimes I’d come down there and catch him watching film by himself. He was always trying to get better. That’s what I liked about his game. He put the extra time in to go watch film and know who he has to guard or who they put him on.”

“We sat down and we talked about everything that happened,” Peters said of the coach who kicked him off the Washington squad. “I sincerely apologized to him again for what I put him and the team through throughout this year.”

Defensive backs are in the last group at the combine and will work out Monday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

“You’ve got to speak up and you’ve got to man up to what has happened,” he said. “You’ve got to take full ownership for what has happened.

“I went back and talked to my high school team, explaining to them what has happened because we have some guys going off to the college level next year and just explain to them what happened.

“It humbled me a real lot. And what really has humbled me is me having a child. Because now I have to be able to provide for someone other than myself. I have someone that is looking up to me a lot so I have to be 100 percent mature.

“I’m blessed to have a second chance with me being able to be at the combine and I go in these interviews and I go in and accept full responsibility for what happened. I just take full ownership of it.”

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