By Michael Griggs

Chris Long is a Philly fan fave, an important cog in the Eagles defensive line three years ago when they beat the Pats and Tom Brady in Super Bowl 52, which was especially sweet for Long because he was part of New England’s Super Bowl run too!

So when he talks, we listen and he was on the Dan LeBatard Show on Tuesday to discuss, among other things, the state of the Eagles post-Doug Pederson.

Because the Eagles started their head coach search a week later than the six other teams with openings, they’re already behind – and apparently are scrambling to catch up, which isn’t encouraging.

And Long, now two full seasons removed from being an Eagle, doesn’t exactly sound impressed by what the Eagles have to offer the top coaching candidates out there:

“Now you’ve got Jalen Hurts, who you might’ve alienated. You’ve got Carson, who might feel alienated. And you’ve got a training camp and an OTA with a new coach, whoever that is, and a job that a lot of guys might not want to take. You’re $60 mil over the cap, your roster’s aging. And the guy who won a Super Bowl and there’s a statue of him outside the stadium? He left because, in part, he wanted more control.

“If I’m a coach, a really good coach who’s got clout, do I want to go into a situation where a guy just left, who won them a Super Bowl in franchise history, [because he] wanted more control?”

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