It’s fair to say the Eagles are having one heck of a season.

Right now, they’re sitting at the top of the NFC, having won 16 games and lost only three.

And with the Super Bowl just 10 days away, Vegas has made them a 1 1/2-point fave over the Chiefs.

Recently they took care of business by disposing of the New York Giants in the Divisional round of the playoffs and then smashed the Niners for the NFC tile last Sunday at the Linc.

Anyone checking the NFL odds would have seen the sportsbooks had little confidence in the Giants.

Nick Sirianni: Leading the way

Nick Sirianni is the main man and has had a major impact on the team since he became coach in 2021. Sirianni has spoken to the press about his year with the current coach of the New York Giants, Brian Daboll, as a position coach and the impact that this time had on his coaching. There he learned a lot about the defensive side of the ball. He mentions how Daboll wanted to contribute to Sirianni’s success as a coach, and he states the Giants man achieved this.

Sirianni’s early impact was poor, and the team suffered a 2-5 record. The coach felt he was getting bogged down in play calling on game day and couldn’t turn his attention to other areas. His decision to hand the baton over to offensive coordinator Shane Steichen changed that, and suddenly things became much rosier again for the team.

Another important ingredient in the head coach’s success in charge has been communication. He insists on it among the players and the coaches. People who want to learn about defensive play are encouraged to speak to offensive coaches and get a different perspective.

Who are the key players on the team?

Of course, once the coach has done his part, it’s up to the team to get out there on the grid and play the game. The Eagles have some outstanding players. Here are some of the main ones:

Jalen Hurts

The success or failure of their quarterback could affect the team’s whole season. The Eagles have been looking to the young player to improve his passing so they can take advantage of his formidable offensive weapons. He’s done just that.

A.J. Brown

The arrival of A.J. Brown to the Eagles placed a lot of pressure on Hurt. Brown lures opposing players into his game and possesses a combination of brawn and nimbleness that enables him to separate and display quick feet. He has the size and skill to cover adequately for any young quarterback.

Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce is the heart and soul of the Eagles, but questions exists around how long Kelce will go on playing. For now though, he’s still one of the best centers in the NFL, and he just made the Pro Bowl for the sixth time in his great career. His grittiness makes him a highly inspiring force. If he gets knocked down, he just gets right on back up. The Eagles won’t want to part with him until they truly have to.

A strong unit

So the Eagles are playing like demons, but how are they managing to play so well together? The athletes on the team are unbelievably talented, but there’s only so far talent can take a person. One of the key ingredients helping their performance is the general good feeling between players. They all get along and know how to navigate each other. There’s chemistry on and off the pitch.

Another major ingredient is accountability. The leaders hold the players to a high standard, but even young players are willing to speak up. No one shies away from an uncomfortable conversation when they need to have it. There’s also no slacking. A. J. Brown, for instance, is still putting in the same work ethic he did during his days in Ole Miss.








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