By Peter Gleason

Jim Washburn had a decades-long career as a defensive line coach, including a failed sting in Philly with the EagLES.

Remember the Wide Nine?

But Washburn is still having an effect on the Birds, as it has been reported that edge rusher Derek Barnett and Washburn are working together.

“He wants to prove that he was worth that [2017 top] pick,” Washburn told NJ.com. “I believe he will. He’s just got to stay healthy.”

Barnett has taken some criticism through his first three NFL seasons, but Washburn says Barnett’s willingness to learn from criticism is one of his best qualities.

“He’s one of the finest young people that I’ve ever been around in my whole life, ever,” Washburn said. “He never makes an excuse. I’d say ‘I hurt your feelings, didn’t I?’ and he’d say ‘Wash, you’re not going to hurt my feelings. Say anything to me because you’re not going to hurt my feelings.’”


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