By Annie Ross

But the real question is:

Why did Jackson even post this crap on Instagram?

The post featuring a fake quote from Adolf Hitler resulted in Jackson insisting he has no hatred toward the Jewish community, then posting the same Hitler quote again.

The 33-year-old receiver drew a backlash for his initial post, which featured the fake quote in which Hitler supposedly said he would start World War III to stop white Jews in America from oppressing the Black community. Snopes has identified the quote as a fabrication originating in June 2017 and claimed to be from a book that, in reality, made no argument that Hitler had an affinity for the Black community.

As some noted the clear anti-Semitism of the quote, Jackson responded by reposting the quote with a statement saying it had been taken the wrong way and that he has no hatred in his heart.

He did not attempt to explain why the quote — which, again, is Hitler supposedly saying why he wants to exterminate the Jews — was misconstrued or not anti-Semitic.


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