By Teddy Brenner

By now, the whole world knows that Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has tested positive for COVID-19, sidelining him for Sunday’s showdown with the Chiefs, and God knows how many other games.

He’s on the NFL’s COVID list

Whatever that means.

In the short term, it means Jordan Love will start at QB this Sunday in place of Rodgers.

In the long term it means that the perception of Rodgers is changed forever.

As the Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins writes:

Lord knows Rodgers is inventive with the football, but of all the dodging, narcissistic, contrived moves. “Yeah, I’m immunized,” he said, so artificially, when asked in the preseason whether he was vaccinated.

That was a lie by omission. And not just a single lie but a daily willful deception along with a weirdly callous charade.

On multiple occasions he went into postgame news conferences — which tend to be closely packed, fetid affairs — unmasked.

And there should be some queries about the steam and sauna and rehab rooms, too.

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