Says Ray Ratto on

There are going to be somewhere around 10 in-season openings for NFL placekickers this year because there have been somewhere around that many every year since the rules were changed to make kicking more stressful.

The chance that one of them will go to Carli Lloyd is minimal.

But not necessarily because the nation isn’t ready for such Bolshevik notions like merit.

Because she’s decided she’s not ready. Yet.

If her trainer, James Galanis, is correct that two NFL teams have already inquired about her availability (she’s busy dealing with Portugal tonight in her other job at the Linc), the first hurdle has been cleared. That first hurdle, of course, being the resistance of men in power who believe that a uterus is somehow an impediment to athletic excellence.

The second hurdle is the fact that she wants to give herself the best chance to succeed, so she says she’s aiming at 2020 rather than when the Chicago Bears cut their first kicker.