By Harvey Hoffman

The Sixers are on Cloud 9 with a six-game winning streak that looks like a lock to reach 7 tonight in Houston against the 11-30 Rockets.

Philly has navigated the COVID and injury shoals to get to 21-16, and Joel Embiid is playing even better than last season, when he finished second in the MVP race to Giannis.

And who knows how much better they will be when Daryl Morey finally trades crybaby Ben Simmons, who has been petulantly holding out because he is not mentally ready to play in Philly.

BTW, that’s because he choked like a dog in last June’s playoffs and he’ll get skewered by the fans and the media if he ever shows his face again.

The clock is ticking on the Embiid title watch.

He is in the prime of his career, and it would be a crying shame to waste it with a weak-tea deal for a bunch of nobodies.

The Sixers need a real second option, and as good as Tyrese Maxey has been, he’s still only 21.

So, here comes Jack McCaffery, a solid columnist for the Delaware County Daily Times, who says, according to the headline:


To which I say, “Hiit the road, Jack!”

Here’s a tidbit from McCaffery:

By the Feb. 10 trade deadline, Daryl Morey will have had to make a move with Ben Simmons, trading a $34 million player who refuses to work for $34-ish-million of talent able to boost the Sixers’ chances to win their first championship since the organization had only one Doc. But the more the Sixers frolic in position-less basketball and a team spirit that has been missing since the moment Simmons entered the room in 2016 with an agenda to make the team work for him, the more Morey must be careful.

Once convinced he could easily move the All-Star Simmons for a talent of comparable accomplishment, Morey has found that plug-and-play option elusive. Not surprisingly, few general managers were willing to risk a gifted player straight-up for whatever stress Simmons likely would spread. Yet the NBA is under the spell of agents, and as long as there is basketball, there is going to be a coach convinced he can mine the best out of any problem-spreading talent. So somehow, the Simmons deal will happen.

Morey, though, has to be certain that whatever he does is not more disruptive than nightly plopping Simmons on the injury report for “personal reasons.” And that’s what would happen should the Sixers’ president of basketball operations become too creative.

Not that they mean any more than mock drafts, but trade rumors for Simmons drop daily. Some seem sensible. Others are so complex that they would require substantial roster upheaval. During his recent slump, Tobias Harris might have heard his name in such chatter, the idea being that in order to maximize his haul for Simmons, Morey would have to concoct a deal involving multiple stars and teams.

I call bullshit.

Morey should make the best deal and get the best player(s) he can for the overpaid, overrated Simmons.

The other Sixers will adjust to more talent.

That’s what pros do!


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