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Who are the most brilliant Eagles players? Discover the list of the most successful players of all time and much more in this post.

The Philadelphia Eagles remains one of the most popular sports teams of all time for decades. Thousands of fans support the team and have their favorite players. Moreover, it is one of the most profitable sports teams. The Philadelphia Eagles have a proud history of success and can boast of having numerous talented sportsmen with outstanding performance. Who are its most remarkable players? Who deserves to take place in the Hall of Fame? Let’s find out!

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Steve Van Buren

Being a true football legend, Steve Van Buren is the most clutch player in the team’s history. Although he played the game over 60 years ago, no one has ever broken many of his personal sports records. One of the most well-known records is a single-game rushing record with 205 yards. Steve Van Buren holds an honorable place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Reggie White

If you would like to know more about the best defensive end in football history, discover the personality of Reggie White. This outstanding player has finished his career with 198 sacks and has one of the best stretches among the defensive players in the history of the NFL. The player had a fantastic performance in all his matches and could boast of being in perfect shape for many years.

Eric Allen

This skilled player hit the Eagles Hall of Fame in 2011. Although Allen played only seven seasons for the Eagles, he still has countless fans and supporters. The player has an incredible record of five interception return touchdowns and numerous other exceptional records. By the way, Eric Allen is also known as a player of the New Orleans and Oakland teams.

Brian Dawkins

Dawkins is considered to be the best NFL player of all time by many modern football experts. He was amazingly intense on the field and collected 30+ INTs, over 20 sacks, and forced fumbles. Being one of the most effective players, he led the team to many great wins in 2000th. Brian Dawkins also played for Denver at the end of his football career. This player is an honorable member of the Eagles’ Hall of Fame.

Nick Foles

Nick Foles played quarterback for the team for several seasons in 2010th. Having the highest career quarterback rating in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles, this talented player is famous for his excellent and top-notch performance. His games have always been incredibly spectacular and never left the football fans disappointed. He is also known to be a man who delivered the first Lombardi Trophy to the Eagles. Foles’ touchdown passes, and fantastic speed were highly valued by all his team members. Many football enthusiasts believe that Nick Foles will forever stay in the hearts of the fans for the magical things he did during his career with the Eagles.

Brian Westbrook

Westbrook played running back for the team for only seven years. However, these were fantastic years in the Eagles’ history. The fact is that he was the only one of six players in football history with over 30 rushing touchdowns. Brian Westbrook is a true hero whose name is also included in the team’s Hall of Fame.

Jason Peters

Even if you are not a fan of the NFL league, you’ve definitely heard the name of Jason Peters. This outstanding sportsman has been playing left tackle for the Eagles since 2009. Although his career is far from being over, he can already boast of having numerous football records. It is worth mentioning that he is the only active player on our list. No doubt, Peters will take its place in the Hall of Fame of the world-known Philadelphia Eagles. His fantastic performance, speed, and power amaze millions of football fans.

There are also dozens of other remarkable players in the Eagles’ history.

These are David Akers, Jerome Brown, Trent Cole, Ron Jaworski, and others.


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