Indianapolis’ grade: B

Philly’s grade: C-

Carson Wentz has slipped into an elusive, perilous category: The quarterback people think they can fix.

It’s eye-of-the-beholder stuff to the max. You can fire up tape of his pre-injury heroics in 2017 and make a case for an MVP-level body of work. You can explain away large chunks of the past two seasons as Philly’s fault: A young arm struggling behind a broken-down line inside an “attack” devoid of reliable weapons.

Less-charitable types might single out Wentz as a player who simply lost his grip over the role. Walking into sacks. His numbers tumbling in extraordinary fashion amid whispers he doesn’t jive with elements of the locker room. He spent most of last season airmailing forced lobs into warzones. Trying — out of some higher desire, perhaps — to save the day, but too often creating turmoil in key seconds.

His mysterious play begs pressing questions: Who is Carson Wentz? Was there a body-switch at some point? Can he be fixed?

In theory, no better landing spot exists than Indy. Coach Frank Reich was the chef who cooked up magic with Carson during that spectacular 2017 campaign. Reich Truthers believe the quest collapsed in Philly the minute the coach left for the Colts. Can it be that simple?

A vastly superior offensive line will help Wentz, especially if Indy finds a capable replacement for retired left tackle Anthony Castonzo. Jonathan Taylor, Marlon Mack and Nyheim Hines form a pummeling, versatile backfield. The wideouts are young and promising, while the defense is among the best in the AFC.

The Eagles were in a tough spot. Bad energy and a furious fan base made it nearly impossible to cling to Wentz, but they aren’t entirely rid of him yet: A whopping $33.8 million in dead money lands like a Death Star kill-shot on an unsuspecting burgh.

This trade is a bargain for the Colts if Wentz regains his form of old. If not, Indy wishcasting Carson as a franchise starter could turn next season into a horror reel.


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