By Michael Bennett

When the Eagles show up at NovaCare for training camp next month, they’ll discover that not all Eagles personnel are created equal.

ESPN is reporting that the NFL is mandating that each team develop an Infectious Disease Emergency Response (IDER) Plan that sets forth the team’s protocols for containing an outbreak of COVID-19, according to a memo sent to all teams obtained by ESPN.

The memo mandates that teams divide their organizations into “tiers” that define where personnel can go and what they can do. The “tiers” are designed to limit access to restricted areas like the practice and stadium fields, sidelines, locker room and training rooms to essential personnel only. Teams must assign “tiers” to all their employees, who wear a “tiered” photographed credential to spell out their access.

Each list must include the individual’s first name, late name, title, role and requested access tier. The NFL then will review the lists and either approve or require revisions. Any proposed change to a club’s list must be submitted to, and approved by, the NFL.

Tier 1 will consist of players, coaches, trainers, physicians and necessary personnel who must have direct access to the players.

Tier 2 will consist of general managers, football operations employees, other assistant coaches, video personnel, security, and other essential personnel who may need to be in close proximity to the players and other Tier 1 individuals who may need to access restricted areas. Only individuals assigned to Tiers 1 and 2 will be permitted access to restricted areas, and there will be limits on the number of individuals from each team that can be assigned Tier 1 and Tier 2 access at any given time.

Tier 3 will consist of certain operational personnel, in-house media and broadcast personnel, field manager, transportation providers and individuals who perform essential facility, stadium or event services but do not require close contact with Tier 1 individuals. Team and other personnel who work exclusively in areas of team facilities that are or will be completely cordoned off from the rest of the facility do not need to be credentialed in one of the three access tiers.

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