By Max Harper

There is so much hype about the Eagles, who have been anointed the NFL team on the come by so many pundits that is they fail it will cause a Philly region depression similar to the Phils collapse in 1964.

After all, they were only 9-8 last season, and quarterback Jalen Hurts has still not proven he has a good enough arm to win a Super Bowl.

But they did improve with AJ Brown, and the defense is significantly stiffer because of Haason Redick and some young studs.

So, you won’t read a discouraging thought about the Birds in Philly.

So, we turn to The Athletic and Mike Sando:

The worry: What will the weather be like for the Super Bowl parade?

“Everybody is putting them as a Super Bowl contender, but when is the last time a team with a middle-tier quarterback was a legit contender?

“The hype on defense is a little out of control.

“Is it not within the realm of possibility that Fletcher Cox [above] and Brandon Graham and James Bradberry will fall off?

“These are guys who were in danger of being or were in some cases cap casualties.

“Jordan Davis did some good things, but he didn’t rush the passer at Georgia and you can’t base his ability as a pass-rusher off one viral Twitter clip of him gradually collapsing a practice-squad center in one-on-ones. It’s just a little premature.”

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