A legitimate question posed by Bo Wulf of The Athletic:

Over the first nine games, the Eagles’ bewildering sloppiness has laid bare a poorly constructed roster that is also underachieving and dangerously close to turning fan outrage into apathy.

It’s fair to wonder whether the organization would be better off long term if it isn’t able to win the NFC East title no one deserves.

The case for rooting against something like a 6-9-1 division title is about shocking the Eagles into making the kind of structural change they need.

The reworked offensive coaching staff has produced one of the league’s least-creative offenses while a defense built to play Jim Schwartz’s desired scheme has underwhelmed in predictable ways (the linebackers are bad) and unpredictable ways (three highly paid defensive tackles do not, in fact, guarantee dominance at the line of scrimmage).

Meanwhile, the roster construction of a team built on the foundation of highly paid players on the wrong side of 30 is crumbling and offers little salary cap relief in sight.

To say nothing of the draft-pick consequences of making an empty playoff appearance (picking 19th in every round as opposed to somewhere near 10th), change is necessary, and losing would necessitate change.

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