By Max Harper

The Eagles had a mini-bye Sunday because they played last Thursday and beat the Texans.

So Nick Sirianni was refreshed yesterday when he appeared on WIP:

“We haven’t accomplished anything yet.”

“I think with the leaders that we have, you know our captains—Jason [Kelce] and Brandon [Graham] and Fletch [Fletcher Cox] and Jalen [Hurts] and Lane [Johnson] and Jake Elliott and [Darius] Slay. They’re not going to let that happen,” Sirianni said on Monday’s 94WIP Morning Show when asked if he’s worried about his team getting complacent.

“It’s comforting as a coach. I’m a coach and I’m going to repeat things that they already know and they’re going to be able to recite what I’m saying so I’m going to say it more.

“But when you have the leaders that we do on this team, they know that we haven’t accomplished anything. What have we accomplished? Our goals are much bigger than just going 8-0, so you have to continue to put the work in. One of the stories that we talk about before the season ever starts is, ‘Hey there are going to be teams that start this thing 5-1 and not make the playoffs and vice versa. There are going to be teams that start this thing out 1-5 that do make the playoffs.’ So what is it? You’ve got to grow every day, right? And I’m not going to get into the fertilizer and the watering, but you have to grow every day. There are teams that don’t. There are teams that are satisfied. Our goals are much bigger than 8-0 and everybody here knows that and everybody here feels that. And so, our goal is just to get better every day. That’s all we can focus on is today and to do that each day you have to go about your business the right way and we have different ways that we do that, but we haven’t accomplished anything yet. We’re focused on Washington and how we can go 9-0.”

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