By Max Harper

The long arc of revisionist history has caught up with ex-Eagles WR Nelson Agholor, who was drafted No. 1 in 2015, had a meh career and moved on.

Now comes the Chris Long arc!

During one of the latest episodes of the “Green Light with Chris Long” podcast, Long and former teammate, Jason Kelce talked Ag.

“Poor guy drops the ball, then he’s a meme because the guy [on the news],” Long explained.

Kelce agreed saying that Agholor is a good player and he loved the Eagles drafting him in 2015, noting that he was one of the most unselfish players.

“This is something stupid that not everybody is going to appreciate, but like, you’re running dive solid, or like an inside run, and the receiver’s got to go in there and dig the safety out — news flash, not all receivers want to go do that. And, Nelly, without question would go in there and try and do that. Like, to me, he was willing to do whatever the coaches put on his plate.

“He tried to get better — I mean, he was on the jugs machine non-stop. There wasn’t like a lack of effort or want to. I really, really enjoyed Nelson as a teammate, even though there were some drops, but as a teammate, I don’t think anybody can question that.”

Agholor had 2,575 total offensive yards, 18 touchdowns, and averaged 11.2 yards per reception in his five Eagles seasons.

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