By Barry Anderson

The Eagles remain among the elite in the NFL as they look continue their red-hot streak when they go to Dallas and face a beat-up Cowboys team on Sunday night.

They remain the top NFC pick to reach the Super Bowl, with SportsLine giving them a 31.1 percent chance of reaching the big game.

Philly’s biggest challenger in terms of Vegas odds is now New Orleans, as the Saints leap to 6/1 after putting together a seven-game winning streak.

SportsLine doesn’t see much value in grabbing the Saints at those odds, as their 6.3 percent chance of winning it all ranks them seventh in the league, including behind one 14/1 team.

New England Patriots5/224.89%40.48%97.3%99.0%
Pittsburgh Steelers4/111.16%22.01%98%99.0%
New Orleans Saints6/16.31%14.21%73.6%91.7%
Kansas City Chiefs10/111.77%22.00%96.5%98.2%
Los Angeles Rams12/110.47%21.57%68.6%91.5%
Seattle Seahawks14/12.53%6.03%31.2%67.1%
Minnesota Vikings14/17.42%16.68%83.7%92.3%
Jacksonville Jaguars25/13.59%8.38%59%99%
Carolina Panthers25/12.02%5.25%21.1%64.6%
Tennessee Titans30/11.40%4.05%41%89.1%
Atlanta Falcons30/10.63%1.83%5.3%31.8%
Dallas Cowboys40/10.48%1.38%3.6%19.4%
Oakland Raiders50/10.24%0.56%2.4%10.7%
Detroit Lions50/10.52%1.56%15.7%31.8%
Green Bay Packers80/10.11%0.23%0.6%3.9%
Buffalo Bills200/10.36%1.14%2.5%37%
Baltimore Ravens200/10.33%0.89%0.9%42.2%
Washington Redskins300/10.04%0.11%0.1%4.8%
Los Angeles Chargers300/10.05%0.17%1%4.8%
Miami Dolphins500/10.02%0.11%0.2%3.8%
Arizona Cardinals500/10.02%0.04%0.2%1.2%
Denver Broncos500/10.01%0.03%0.1%2.1%
Chicago Bears500/10.00%0.00%0.1%0.1%
Houston Texans500/10.1%0.02%0.1%0.6%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers500/10.00%0.00%0.1%0.6%
Cincinnati Bengals1,000/10.05%0.1%0.1%5%
New York Jets1,000/10.02%0.11%0.0%5%
Indianapolis Colts2,000/10.00%0.02%0.0%1.9%
New York GiantsOFF0.00%0.00%0.1%0.1%
Cleveland BrownsOFF0.00%0.00%0.1%0.1%
San Francisco 49ersOFF0.00%0.00%0.0%0.0%