By Jenny Masters

United States captain Christian Pulisic doesn’t think officiating was to blame for his team’s group-stage exit at Copa América, but he was baffled by the decisions made in Monday’s 1-0 loss to Uruguay at Arrowhead Stadium, a result that sealed the Americans’ fate.

“Honestly, I mean I saw things that I’ve never seen before right in front of my eyes today that I just I truly I can’t believe,” Pulisic told reporters.

“It’s not why we lost; we’re not out of this tournament because of officiating.

“But really, I’ve just seen things that I just really — I mean I think everyone can just give admit I don’t know what I’m looking at. I don’t know what they’re calling. I don’t know what he’s — he gives no explanation. He’s doing things that I just can’t accept.”

Referee Kevin Ortega was seen on camera refusing to shake Pulisic’s hand following the final whistle after Pulisic appeared to first gesture something to him from a distance.

“He wouldn’t shake my hand. It’s normal — I mean, I guess.”


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