By Teddy Brenner

If you’re wondering why the Eagles practiced yesterday when many NFL teams didn’t in recognition of the tragedy in Kenosha, so were we.

Safety Rodney McLeod said the Eagles wanted to continue their preparation for the 2020 NFL season while also finding the right statement to make about the issues that are important to them:

“It was something we did consider, but what’s most important is that we want real action to take place, right?” McLeod said on a Zoom call yesterday.

“And so just cancelling the practice and telling everyone to go home isn’t the message that we want to send. Because what are we now going to do with that time? How are we going to fill that time with something impactful and something that’s going to make a difference? And that’s what we used some of the time earlier to decide as leaders, and we have an action plan that we will put in place moving forward. And I’m excited for that.”

McLeod, who wore a black shirt that read, “I matter.” in white print, wouldn’t reveal any specifics for what the Eagles’ plan is, but the team wants to address issues pertaining to police brutality, education reform and systemic racism, among other things, the 30-year-old safety said.

According to ESPN, nine NFL teams opted to cancel practices or scrimmages yesterday. In Baltimore, the Ravens elected to practice, but the team canceled its afternoon meetings in order to further “social justice reform efforts,” the team announced.

The Phillies and Washington Nationals decided to not play their scheduled game last night.

The Eagles’ social justice committee, which features McLeod, Carson Wentz, Zach Ertz, safety Will Parks, placekicker Jake Elliott, cornerback Avonte Maddox, will meet today to discuss the team’s plan moving forward.

“As of right now, us as a team, we are trying to decide as one, as a whole organization, picking one symbolic thing to show positivity,” Jalen Mills said.

“All this negative stuff that’s going on in the world, we know it, everybody else knows it. We don’t have to keep highlighting it at this point, trying to find one symbolic thing that shows positivity, that can show change, that can show hope, that shows the Philadelphia Eagles are with equality and that’s the only goal.”

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