By Julie Glass

Chalk this up to the notion that even a broken clock is right twice a day:

Morning blowhard Angelo Cataldi, whose opinions change like the weather, is typically wrong about everything.

That’s okay: I often know I’m right when I see that he disagrees with me!

But on, Cataldi has lurched onto the truth:

Was there even a fleeting a moment during that 32-14 loss when [Eagles owner Jeff] Lurie questioned his decision last year to consider only head coaches who would nod their heads in his presence, only head coaches with “emotional intelligence” – the ability to handle people with dexterity and respect?

There are many things wrong with the Eagles beyond their 5-7 record right now, but there is nothing quite as screwed up as their owner. More than ever, Lurie is neither seen nor heard unless there is a crisis he deems worthy of his public intervention. There are no visits in the locker room, no state-of-the-team addresses.

On those rare occasions when he does speak, Lurie is a platitude machine, spouting profound thoughts on success in business, on management of a sports franchise, even on – believe it or not – the secret to winning. Based on the recent exploits of his team, he will be unavailable for comment on all those topics in the immediate future.

The truth is, Lurie made another dubious choice for head coach last winter, and for all the wrong reasons. What Pederson has shown so far is an ability to get everyone to like him, but often at the cost of respect. His players, almost to a man, quit on him against Cincinnati. There is no other logical explanation for that lopsided defeat.

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