By Harry Allison

While the rest of the NBA is glued to the news from the NBA trade deadline at 3 pm this afternoon, Sixers rookie Ben Simmons will be nervously awaiting the results of a CT scan to evaluate the status of his injured right foot.

The No.1 overall draft pick has been sidelined since October after he suffered a Jones fracture in the final scrimmage of training camp.

Sixers coach Brett Brown has been bullish about Simmons’ chances of playing this season in recent weeks. But that prospect hinges on the results of today’s scan.

“I feel like tomorrow at some point we’re all going to be able to lay out a more genuine plan for him,” Brown said, per “I feel like we’re going to be good to go with some greater news and a more advanced detail of his plans after this scan.”

The Sixers have so far resisted temptation to put a target date on Simmons’ return, but today looms as a decisive day for the prodigious 20-year-old.

If the scans offer positive news, the 6-10 forward will likely be cleared to return to full-contact five-on-five practice.

In that scenario, it is likely Simmons will play this season.

However, any negative news would all-but end the Aussie’s hopes of playing this campaign, with the Sixers unlikely to take any unnecessary risks with their prize rookie.

But coach Brown is refusing to give up hope and says Simmons remains desperate to get back on the court before the season is done.

“I personally would like to see him play this season, I don’t backpedal from that,” he said.

“I think my comments are really very much influenced by his reciprocal desire to play this year, which we all respect.

“Everybody’s got clandestine conspiracy theories on why he might not want to play.

“I know in my heart and speaking to him, he wants to get on a court and play basketball again.

“I hope he can do that too but if for some reason he can’t, we’ll deal with it.

“But I think it would help him to play NBA basketball and get his competitive juices going again if the doctors point us in that direction.”

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