By Max Harper

The Eagles’ tush push has generated lots of buzz at the NFL scouting combine — including among the league’s rule-makers.

“All I know is everything we’re doing is legal and it works,” Eagles general manager Howie Roseman said Tuesday.

“And just because people do something that’s really good doesn’t mean it should be outlawed.”

The Eagles converted 29 of 32 quarterback sneaks last season, in part because of their habit of using teammates to push quarterback Jalen Hurts from behind while he also plowed ahead using his powerful lower body.

The NFL in 2005 removed language from the rulebook that prohibited pushing a ball carrier forward, and the Eagles took full advantage in 2022.

NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent said the league’s competition committee debated the rule at length this week. The group plans to revisit the topic when it reconvenes next month.

Eagles coach Nick Sirianni offered a theory as to why it’s become such an issue and defended the tactic as part of a broader strategy.

“I think some defensive coaches are bringing that up,” Sirianni said Tuesday.

“We’ll play with whatever rules they have. Obviously, it was a very successful play for us … But it wasn’t the only thing we were doing [in those situations]. I think we had some exciting plays that came off of it, when the defenses were trying to stop the [push] play that they thought was coming. And that’s kind of what football is, right?”


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