By Mary Cunningham

You want to know how badly Tiger Woods played yesterday in the first round of the British Open at St. Andrew’s?

The AARP gave him a shot in response to his quip the other day that, “Hey I’m not that old and over the hill. I mean. I’m not in the AARP, you know!”

The retired person’s lobbying group tweeted:

“It better to be over 50 that to be over par!”

Then ESPN’s British Open analyst, Paul Azinger massacred Woods for his play during the first round of the British Open. Tiger’s play was pitiful — on an easy scoring day, he shot 40 on the front nine then bogeyed the 10th hole — and Azinger didn’t let him off lightly. During the Thursday telecast, he unleashed waves of cutting criticism against the 14-time major champ:

“It’s hard to watch the greatest player of this generation be a middle of the pack hack.”

“Here’s a stat for you: Tiger Woods is 21 over par for his last 45 holes at major championships.”

“You almost want to say, ‘Who are you and what have you done to Tiger Woods?’

“Everyone wanted to swing like Tiger. Except Tiger.”

“Nobody needs to tell Tiger what to think, they need to remind him to think”

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