Says Wayne Fish of

There is plenty of blame to go around.

Start with Carter Hart, who has shown flashes of goaltending brilliance but has not been consistent. Any time a goalie is sent back to the drawing board for the better part of a week in the middle of a playoff drive, something is wrong.

On defense, the second pairing of Phil Myers and Travis Sanheim basically has fallen victim to the “sophomore slump.” Perhaps chalk this up to youth, but the Flyers have to be a little concerned with the number of mistakes these young players have made, especially the minus-6 each posted in that 9-0 record-breaking loss to the Rangers last month.

The Flyers spent $3 million on free agent Erik Gustafsson and really haven’t gotten much for their money. He’s been paired, sporadically, with Robert Hagg for an All-Swede unit, which hasn’t been anything special. Gustafsson was supposed to be a force on the power play, but that hasn’t panned out.