By Ben Sullivan

Sounds like a genuine NFL running back feud has begun.

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy thinks he’s the best running back in the NFL. He’s allowed to think that because a) he led the league in rushing yards, b) he’s a professional athlete so confidence is good and c) freedom of speech.

Guess who thinks that’s funny.

“I definitely started laughing,” Adrian Peterson said. “It was funny because when Stephen [A. Smith] asked him the question, you know, he kind of hesitated. If you watched it, you know he didn’t believe it when he said it. So I’ve got to tell the youngsters, ‘Next time, say it with your chest, man. Say it like you mean it!'”

McCoy’s argument is a serious one though — he pointed out his versatility and thinks AP just “automatically” gets the title because of name value.

“But the last three years? I’ve been All-Pro, first-team, twice. I never leave the field. I block. I catch. I never leave the field,” McCoy said. “I don’t have anybody do my job; I do it myself. Tons of credit goes out to Adrian Peterson. I’m a big fan of his, for sure. But I feel I’m the best.”

Peterson doesn’t care though. He sees it as a slight. Or at least as McCoy deluding himself.

“He didn’t really mean it,” Peterson said. “If you watched – if you’ve seen his response – he didn’t really mean it. … But, you know, I’ve got to give the young guy credit, you know. There’s nothing wrong with having confidence in yourself.”

Shady’s got the stats from 2013 to back up his claim: He led the league in rushing (Peterson was fourth) and was nearly 450 yards better than Peterson. Shady plays in a more user-friendly offense, so there’s that excuse.

But the facts are the facts. Until Peterson morphs into the inhuman freak that showed up in 2012 anyway. Then there’s no argument to be made.


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