By Max Harper

It’s best not to continue to underestimate Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Ever since he was picked in the second round in the 2020 NFL draft, local lame-ass media types have shorted his talents:

He can’t throw an accurate long pass.

Why did the Birds take him when Carson Wentz is the obvious franchise QB?

He can run, but that’s not the way to go in the NFL’s pinball-machine analytical offenses.

Hurts has proven them all wrong.

He surely can run.

And he passes better and better as he has gotten experience, especially from the pocket.

And he is a leader.

Which Carson Wentz, God bless him, never was.

Now, it turns out he is a writer!

He sent a letter to the Washington Football Team and the NFL to ask what action is being taken after a railing collapsed Sunday at FedEx Field.

“I am writing to inquire about what follow-up action is being considered in response to the near-tragic incident that took place at FedEXField on January 2, 2002,” Hurts wrote in a letter.

“As you are aware, many individuals, including fans, media personnel, and myself, were placed in a dangerous situation when portions of the FedEx Field tunnel collapsed. Although I was able to prevent the barrier from crashing onto me, that was not the same for others who could be suffering from lingering injuries.”

Fans waiting for Hurts to run through the tunnel after the Eagles 20-16 win against the Washington Football Team fell onto the field when the corner of the railing fell. Mark Tennally, a photo runner for The Associated Press, was injured and attended to by medical personnel.

Hurts told reporters during his Tuesday press conference, “It was actually sent to league officials as well. I tried to handle the situation with a lot of poise and show compassion for the people that fell down, really. I know that it could have been so much worse. It kind of didn’t hit me until after the fact. Having some time to reflect on it and think about it, I just wanted to see what could be done to make sure it doesn’t happen again. That’s all I really care about. That’s a very tragic incident, and it could’ve been much, much worse. I just don’t want it to happen again.”

“The resources of the NFL and team organizations ensure our safety through playing this physical sport, but what happened on Sunday put both fans and the players unnecessarily at risk long after the final whistle,” wrote Hurts. “I look forward to hearing from you on this matter.”

A spokesman for the Washington Football Team said that president Jason Wright had offered to speak with Hurts on the matter.

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