By Art Beitchman

After an exhaustive search for a new leader that included former running back Duce Staley, Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni was named the Eagles new head coach.

Lots of fans wanted Staley to get the job — he is very qualified and a loyal Eagle for 20 years, but the Birds chose the 39 year old from Jamestown, NY to be their 24th career head coach.

After being an assistant for eight years with the Chargers and Colts — latest as an offensive coordinator for the 11-5 playoff team in 2020 — Sirianni was deemed by the Eagles to be the most impressive to guide their $2.4 billion NFL franchise.

Former Eagle OC, and Colts head coach Frank Reich gushed about Sirianni, saying recently “This guy is brilliant.”

Time will tell.

Assistant coaches come into the league every year to take the top spot, some make it, most don’t, but the new guy gets the benefit of the doubt from me.

We all know the Doug Pederson regime was getting old and moldy with an inexcusable 4-11-1 record. Something had to give, a fresh prospective was needed going forward.

There are lots of big decisions to be made, draft, free agency and No. 1 on the agenda, what to do with QB Carson Wentz, that’s now Nick Sirianni’s problems to solve, all Eagles fans wish him luck.

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