By Theodore N. Beitchman

If ever there was a time when we needed good news, this was it.

The Phillies are a wreck and evidently will be until someone buys the team from David Montgomery and Co.

The Flyers are stuck in the netherworld of Ed Snider Mediocrity — not nearly good enough to compete for a Stanley Cup and not bad enough to start over.

The Sixers and “good news” rarely belong in the same sentence. Even when they have good news — like a lot of draft picks — they accrue “assets” instead of shooters.

The Eagles’ first two preseason games were so awful that talk show callers are considering the possibility that Chip Kelly will quit or be fired after this season. Really?????

And then there is the usual litany of Iraq, Iran, Gaza, Ferguson, Mo., floods, fires, little kids being buried, not enough money for the Philly public schools, a governor who thinks it’s “good government” to oppose public schools, a mayor whose chief accomplishments are ribbon-cuttings.

Into this extravaganza of awfulness come the Taney Dragons and their extraordinary pitcher, Mo’Ne Davis, a 13-year-old who has won the hearts of Philly and all of America.

In this summer of our discontent, these kids have lifted the spirits of a grateful city, and no matter if they win the Little League World Series or if they do not, they have done the impossible.

They created a sliver of sunlight in an otherwise dour and calamitous season.

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