As the Owls’ former great coach told 6ABC:

“I thought I was retiring as well but this is an unusual set of circumstances,” Dunphy says. “When I was asked to do this I can’t say I was excited. I was humbled by the daunting nature of this task. Such challenging times, I hope I can help.”Dunphy is asking for help and especially now.

Having spent 30 years as a coach, including 13 at Temple, he admits he’s somewhat out of his lane.

Dunphy, Temple University, as well as the NCAA are trying to navigate everything from the safety of student-athletes to returning to play changes and the financial impact of the coronavirus.

“We’re in such uncharted waters, so many unknowns,” Dunphy says.

Dunphy is listening and asking questions not just about handling the coronavirus, but also racial equality. He’s talked with current Temple basketball coach Aaron McKie, as well as former players, including forward J.P. Moorman on how he can help and support them.”We need to have as much empathy as we can and respect each other,” Dunphy says. “Humanity has to be there. We have to take care of one another. We have a phenomenal opportunity to change what’s not right in the world.”