By Mary Cunningham

Super Bowls, Eagles coach Doug Pederson said yesterday, should be the “new norm in Philadelphia”:

“There’s a side success that’s not the glamorous side,” Pederson said. “It’s the side of… who’s going to hold out in OTAs, who’s going to want the next big contract, who’s going to miss this and that for an endorsement deal, autograph signing? That was a little bit of the message this morning to the guys.

“So get used to it,” he added. “Short offseasons. Let’s do that. The nature of the business is you can’t keep everybody. That’s the way it goes. The ones that are here, my mindset is to be back again next year and to keep doing it and keep doing it.

“I hold myself accountable. I’m just like the players. I can’t take every deal that’s out there. I can’t agree to every speaking engagement out there. My goal is to win another one. If my time is spent doing other things, than that’s not the focus and that’s where we ‘re at as a team.”

Inside the locker room, there was an acknowledgment of the difficulty the front office faces in recreating the identity that bonded the 2017 team in a way most players said they’d never experienced.

“Yeah, it’s really hard. It’s really hard,” Stefan Wisniewski added. “Part of it is getting the right guys. There’s an impressive number of guys on this team that both have experience and have talent but are high-character guys. I think that’s part of why we were good this year, a lot of high character, unselfish guys.”

“I think it’s hard to replicate on another team. I think if you’re a coach and you show up somewhere and say, ‘We’re going to do it like the Eagles did it,’ you have to have these kind of guys.”

“That’s what you have here, a bunch of guys who are fighters, blue collar, real Philly guys, overlooked at some point of their lives,” safety Rodney McLeod said. “Now we’re world champions. It’s history, man. You can’t take that from anybody.

“It is a story, but like I said, it starts with your mindset. Your mindset and your heart. I think those are the types of guys we have here. I don’t think that’s going to change.”