Quarterback Carson Wentz

A fully healthy version of Wentz should be the best quarterback in this division in 2018. Like Alex Smith, he has a creative play-caller at the controls. Like Dak Prescott, he has an excellent offensive line protecting him. Unlike both of those players, he has both a creative play-caller and an excellent offensive line, and an excellent crop of passing-game weapons to whom he can spread the ball. Wentz was arguably the league’s MVP at the time he was injured last year, and while he is likely to regress from that level of performance, he has more than enough room to do so and still be an excellent player. That’s what we’re expecting.

Interior Defensive Lineman Fletcher Cox

Wentz gets all the publicity, and for good reason, but Cox (above) might actually be the Eagles’ best overall player. He’s coming off three straight Pro Bowl campaigns wreaking havoc on the interior of the line. He racked up 50 pressures last season — eighth among all interior defenders. Cox’s ability to knife into the backfield is where everything starts for the Philly defense, and he unlocks everything for their edge-rushers and linebackers to do their thing:

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