By Sarah Berkowitz

The Flyers are playing out the string, with virtually no chance to make the NHL’s Stanley Cup playoffs — 10 points out with 10 games to play — and Jakub Voracek is pissed of.

“To be in this spot, it sucks,” the All-Star right wing told NJ.com after the Flyers practiced yesterday in Calgary, where they play tonight. “It sucks. It’s annoying.

“We dug ourselves such a big hole at the beginning of the season when we didn’t play well and we couldn’t find a way to win the games when we were up,” Voracek said. “We got in such a big hole that we were catching up and catching up since basically November.

“It’s really hard in the NHL to get back in the race. We were almost there, but it’s really hard when for three-four months you’re chasing, chasing, chasing. We just gotta learn from it and make sure next year we have a good start.

“Just try to play my game the way I did all season,” he said. “Be creative, try to play good defense and have fun with it. I mean, it sucks, but you gotta learn from it. It’s a tough spot to be in, but you’ve got to learn from it and next year use the experience.”

Asked if he’s worried for coach Craig Berube, Voracek replied, “No, not at all. … It’s up to Hexy. It’s not up to us. We just gotta play the best we can. I mean, whatever’s gonna happen is gonna happen.

“We’ve still got 10 games left. We all like to play for him. Obviously, it sucks to be in this position. I’m sure it sucks for everybody .But it is what it is. It’s a learning process.”


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