By Lewis Gould

After gaining only 22 yards in a win on Sept. 21 over the Redskins, Shady McCoy was upbeat about his running game.

But after following that with only 17 yards in a loss to the Niners Sunday, the 2013 NFL rushing leader was frustrated and abrupt:

“I don’t want to talk about running the football,” McCoy said. “I don’t want to talk about that.”

On Sunday against the 49ers, McCoy totaled 17 yards on 10 carries. When you combine that output with his 19 carries for 22 yards last week, McCoy is averaging just 1.3 yards per carry the last two weeks.

“It sucks,” McCoy said. “We had so many plays we could have made but we didn’t. I thought we were going to pull it off like usual.”

The Eagles had a chance to do just that, as they faced first-and-goal from the San Francisco six-yard line with just under three minutes to play. After an incompletion, the Eagles gave the ball to McCoy, and he delivered with his biggest run of the day for five yards.

After that, however, head coach Chip Kelly did not trust the running game enough to give it to him again despite the ball being on the one yard line.

“We are just not getting it done,” McCoy said. “Not executing.”

There is no denying the team as a whole isn’t getting the job done. The offensive line is filled with backups, but the Eagles won last season by running the ball. It is how they need to win if they plan on making a deep playoff run this season.

The last two games, the team has not been able to run the ball, and are lucky to be 1-1. Going forward, they will find out if the running game doesn’t improve, if they can keep up the 3-1 pace they have started the season with.

“I guess,” McCoy said, “we’ll find out,”

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