And this guy makes decisions at 94WIP as program director:

Ben Simmons is a really good player, but he’s a luxury, a complementary piece on a great team.

The Sixers are not in a position to take advantage of that luxury.

They aren’t a great team and overpaying for a complementary piece does not make any sense when they don’t have the core players necessary.

I won’t bore you with a list, but I casually went through NBA rosters and found nearly 60 players who would make the current Sixers better than Simmons does, simply because their skill set would better complement Embiid.

Maybe it will be James Harden and maybe it won’t (I get the idea it won’t).

But the idea that trading Simmons at 24 for a star player at 31 is robbing us of a decade of SImmons and Embiid is just not reality.

If this isn’t a championship level team this year or next, one of them will be gone one way or another.


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