By Jerry Wein

Bobby Marks fucked up the Nets when he was their general manager.

Now he talks shit and is paid for it by ESPN.

When the Sixers acquired James Harden at the trade deadline last year, it was expected that he would opt into his option for this upcoming season.

Shortly after the trade, it came out that Harden and his camp did not get the paperwork in on time.

Seeing how everything has unfolded since then, Marks told Zach Lowe he expects the league to investigate the Sixers over this matter.

“I was texting with a couple teams and I said ‘what’s the 15 million made up with Fanatics stock?’ and they said maybe… I would think that because of the difference, it’s not five or six million dollars, that the league should look into the Sixers.

“And Philly can say that he’s doing it out of the charity of his heart because he wants to get the team better, and that’s great, and maybe it is.

“But if I was the league, I would certainly look into as far as what happened in Philadelphia with this contract.”

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