By Peter Gleason

For all the local media who have been “reporting” that Chip Kelly can’t wait to get out of town:

He ain’t going anywhere, and he reiterated that soon after the Eagles’ 35-28 victory over the New England Patriots yesterday.

“I made a commitment to this organization when they hired me, and I will see it through,” Kelly told Peter King of in the aftermath of Sunday’s stunning 35-28 upset of the Patriots in their own stadium.

But Kelly, who rose through the ranks of college football with no background in the NFL before becoming the Philly coach in 2013, realizes that there will be skeptics.

“I don’t have to convince people I’m staying,” Kelly told King. “I can’t. Everyone says, ‘He’s a college guy.’ It’s going to take a while for people to look at the ticker across the bottom of the screen without my name on it for people to understand.”

That’s fine, but Kelly still hasn’t addressed the possibility that his name will cross the ticker in this way: “Titans contact Eagles regarding possibility of hiring Chip Kelly, according to ESPN and media reports for which we don’t give attribution 95 percent of the time but every once in a while we feel sufficiently guilty about it that we do.”

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