By Annie Ross

It takes greedy bastards like CBS to screw up one of the great half-hour shows in the whole sports year:

Yesterday’s NCAA Tournament selection show was expanded to two hours!

And the NBA on TNT crew made it seem like four hours!

The NCAA Tournament bracket is the distillation of athletic competition:

The bubble, the top seeds, the screaming students, the players selfie-ing and dabbing, the chaos, the madness — is the one thing in sports that you can count on working every year, no matter what.

And this year, CBS screwed it up.

This was the worst CBS selection show of them all because of, once again, greed. CBS decided to expand the show from one hour — already a long time to list 36 basketball games — to two hours, and to populate it with a cast of thousands.

Every minor note, the top seeds, the excruciating decision to have bracket predictions made before the full bracket was announced, Charles Barkley’s befuddled attempts to use a touchscreen (rivaled only by his inability to name more than two current college basketball players): It all existed to drive away all the people who made this event what it was and has been for several decades.

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