By Lewis Gould

Former NFL star Deion Sanders says some Eagles players do not believe in quarterback Carson Wentz.

“What I have been telling you all year from Day 1, honestly,” Sanders said on the latest episode of the Barstool Sports podcast Pardon My Take. “And this is not a ‘I told you so’ situation, this is an athlete knowing another athlete, and an athlete like myself talking to other athletes that I know that is there, this is not the guy. This is not the guy.”

Should the Eagles make the switch to Hurts?

“If you think he could possibly be that guy, what you are going to get if you stay with Wentz, you going to get a division — pretty much what you already have,” Sanders said.

“You have some guys in the locker room saying ‘Hey man, this ain’t working partner. You could at least give the other kid a shot, because this ain’t working.’ He is not the guy. You can’t just try to justify it because you made a mistake and paid him a ton of money, which you are going to get out of that contract as soon as you can. But you got to be able to salvage that team in a horrific division that you can probably still win, you got to get away from that kid.”

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