By Tommy Matthews

Jack Ramsay was a Hall of Fame coach, but he was a dreadful general manager, as he proved when he traded Chet Walker for Jim Washington, recounted by the New York Times:

In 1969, one season after the 76ers broke up their championship team by sending Wilt Chamberlain to the Los Angeles Lakers, Chet Walker was traded to the Chicago Bulls under unusual circumstances.

When Pat Williams, the 76ers’ business manager, was offered the Bulls’ general manager’s position, Jack Ramsay, the 76ers’ coach and general manager, told him he would be released from the two years remaining on his contract, on one condition: that Williams agree to take Walker with him to Chicago in a multiplayer trade that included the Bulls’ forward Jim Washington going to Philadelphia.

“Jack had developed this thing for Washington, thought he’d be a better fit with Billy C. than Chet,” Williams said in an interview for this obituary in 2022. “Of course we wanted to make that trade. Chet was a great player but when you’ve been on the floor with Wilt, Greer and Billy C., you’re going to sacrifice.”

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