By Teddy Brenner

Chris Paul wants out of OKC and the Phoenix Suns emerged as a potential trade partner.

“The Thunder are going to let Chris Paul be involved in his own trade,” said ESPN’s Brian Windhorst on his podcast.

“The Thunder will tell you they don’t feel compelled to trade Chris Paul, which I’m sure is sort of quasi-true. But Chris Paul, I don’t think will want to be there. In a trade situation, it’s sort of a triangle. Yeah, there has to be a deal with the Thunder and the other team, but Chris Paul has to sort of green light wanting to go there. This discussion with Phoenix is just as much about the Suns having discussions with Chris Paul as it is working out a trade.

“It is my understanding that Chris has interest in Phoenix. One, it’s close to his family in Los Angeles. There are some East teams that are interested. I think New York has interest. Philadelphia has interest. I believe there’s been some cursory conversation between Philadelphia and Oklahoma City, but I don’t get the impression there’s any traction there.

“I do get the impression that Chris Paul is interested… if he can’t play for a championship contender, which the Suns are not, I think he’s interested in playing closer to home in L.A.”

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