By Jerry Wein

The Sixers go to training camp in Camden in 13 days, Sept. 28.

And Ben Simmons’ trade-me-or-else-because-I-ain’t-showing-up act has become a reality show.

It has been reported that the Sixers have received interest from four or five teams.

But big boss Daryl Morey’s asking price has been so high that no one has bitten.

That’s because Simmons is way overrated and way overpaid.

Especially after his complete meltdown in June’s playoffs against the Hawks, in which Simmons was so ineffective the Sixers were playing 4 against 5.

The Cavs, Timberwolves and Kings are rumored to be in the running, with another few unnamed teams reportedly in pursuit.

Simmons has demanded a trade and said he won’t report for training camp, so it would make sense to deal him before the season starts, although Morey is reportedly still asking for a king’s ransom.