By Harold Green

The Sixers open training camp next Wednesday, and all eyes will be on Ben Simmons and his still-to-be-seen jump shot.

The 2018 Rookie of the Year has yet to make a 3-pointer in his NBA career.

Coach Brett Brown believes he can help Simmons attack the basket and shoot jumpers in 2019-20 by creating more space on offense:

“You’re not going to see me put him down there at the start of the year. I want to give him a chance to be spaced. You’re probably going to see him in one of the corners, but I’m going to start there. We’re going to encourage him to shoot threes, and we’re going to encourage him… if he sees a straight-line drive, take off and eat it up,” Brown said yesterday. “I think I can help him use the space in both of those ways.”

“With Ben, we’re not going to hunt threes. When they are available, I want him to shoot them. The reckless use of threes doesn’t tie into my initial statement of our team being huge. I do think we can play a style of play that is just smashmouth defense and bully ball offense, I think this team has the ability to do that. And so it leans more toward that than, let’s come down and crank out threes.”

Ben Simmons signed a five-year, $170 million maximum rookie contract extension with the Sixers this summer. Last season, Simmons averaged 16.9 points, 8.8 rebounds and 7.7 assists while shooting 56.3 percent from the field. The lefty recorded 42 double-doubles and 10 triple-doubles.


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