By Jerry Wein

The Sixers Benny Simmons scored 19 points in the first quarter, finished with 42 points, 12 assists, 9 rebounds, and kept his shorthanded team within striking distance until the end of the game.

In other words, the best game of his NBA career.

Which still wasn’t good enough for ex-Sixers legend and Hall of Famer Charles Barkley!

He appeared on Bill Simmons’ podcast yesterday, and he. pissed all over Simmons:

“BARKLEY: Until he learns how to shoot, he’s going to be an All-Star. He can’t be a superstar until he learns how to shoot the ball. Because the one thing we’re sure of, Bill, the ball always finds the guy who can’t shoot in the playoffs. And he’s a great defender, he’s a hell of a player, but at some point he’s going to have to make a shot. A big shot. And right now he’s so reluctant to shoot the ball


“I think he’s afraid to shoot the ball.

“SIMMONS: He wasn’t afraid last night.

“BARKLEY: Well, that was just lay-ups. Like, if you keep him in that little box, he’s great around the basket.


“Why isn’t he that aggressive, offensively, when Joel Embiid is there? That’s actually a great point you just made. Why isn’t he that aggressive when Embiid’s there? It would only make the team better. He’s not going to get 40 points, but I wonder – that would be a great stat, how many times has he had 20 points with Embiid on the floor?”

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